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Our coffee selection follows the tilt of the Earth and its natural harvest cycles; as the seasons change at different times throughout the globe, so do our coffees. But they all share this: they are all of the highest quality, the world’s top specialty organic coffees, roasted to perfection and delivered extraordinarily fresh and flavourful.

I most cases, yes. Look for the variety in our shop, and if we still have it in stock, we’ll get you another freshly roasted batch ASAP. Plus, since you’re a subscriber, you get to enjoy 20% off all coffee!

The Espresso subscription pulls from a rotation that includes our espresso blends and our latest single origin espresso. The single origin espresso selection is a coffee that we’ve found works great as espresso and changes seasonally.

Our standard brew parameters for SO espresso are:

1:1.3 up to 1:1.6 (coffee:water)
@ 94º C

We recommend drinking your coffee within 14-18 days after it is roasted. In our experience, the distinct and complex flavours that characterise our coffees will usually start to fade after that point.

It should be stored in a cool, dry place, away from heat and light, in an airtight container.

The levels of moisture present in the refrigerator and freezer can greatly accelerate flavor loss, so we recommend *against* storing beans in this way.

Our goal is to ensure good income to both farmers and their workers. Therefore, we always pay prices at or above “Fair Trade” prices, but our coffees are not always strictly certified as “fair trade”.

The economic reality is that farmers must pay an expensive premium in order to receive Fair Trade certification. Because of this, many coffee producers do not find fair trade certification to be in the best interest of them or their workers, instead choosing to channel their resources toward continued advances in quality and sustainability. In line with this dynamic, paradoxically, farmers with fair trade certification often pay their workers significantly less than other farmers of premium coffee without certification.

Thus, we believe our model of paying premium prices for premium coffee and returning 5% of our profits to these communities through established non-profits is a much better system than the standard fair trade model – both for the farmers and for our customers, who enjoy increasing quality and variety of specialty coffee, as our farmers invest their resources into the health of their crop and their communities.

At Karma Coffee, our goal is to provide you with impeccable service and the highest quality coffee.

We want you to be happy with your purchase! Please contact us within 10 days of purchase if there was an error with your order, or if you are dissatisfied with your coffee. Since coffee is perishable and roasted to order, we’re unable to accept returns, but we’ll do everything we can to help ensure a pleasant resolve and get you your perfect roast.

Yes! One of two ways… 

Method #1: In Your Subscriptions dashboard, click “Subscriptions”. Click on the “View” button for the subscription which you wish to change, and then scroll down to the “Subscription Totals” section, where you should see a button which says “Change Subscription”. Click this button and follow the steps to adjust the amount of coffee and frequency of delivery. That’s it!

Sometimes, the “Change Subscription” button is hidden. In this case, you may use either of the following two methods: Either just delete your current subscription and make a new one with your new desired delivery frequency and/or amount, or contact us and let us know which subscription you would like to change, and what you would like to change it to, and we’ll be happy to change it for you.

Yes! In order to pause a subscription, navigate to Your Subscriptions dashboard, and select “Subscriptions”. Click on “View” for whichever subscription you wish to pause, and you will see a blue button which says “Suspend” in the “Actions” row. Click “Suspend” and your subscription will be paused until you reactivate it (by clicking the “Reactivate” button in the same window).

When you wish to resume your subscription after you’ve paused it, follow these easy steps: navigate to Your Subscriptions dashboard and select “Subscriptions”. Click the “View” button corresponding to the subscription you wish to reactivate, and click the big, blue “Reactivate” button. That’s it! You’ll soon be receiving amazing coffee again!

Please contact us to cancel your subscription. Any remaining shipments that you have already paid for will be cancelled and that amount will credited to your account.

If we are in the middle of processing a shipment for you (for example, while we are roasting it), you’ll be able to cancel once that shipment leaves our roastery.

Absolutely. While we try not to send material we wouldn’t like to receive ourselves, we understand the demands placed on the modern inbox and we respect your time enough not to inundate you with superfluous communiqués. Please contact us and let us know that you no longer wish to receive our emails and we’ll remove you ASAP.

We send a few types of emails:

  • Account and order-related communications: We like to let you know when an order’s on its way, provide you with shipment tracking information, or inform you of payment issues, for example.
  • Personal Offers & Promotions: Occasionally we send out a heads-up about something special — a special new coffee variety, or maybe even an announcement for special deals or discounts.
  • Coffee Order Reminders: Every so often, we send emails reminding you about our services — that a previous coffee purchase is available to easily re-order, or that you might still have an item in your cart.
  • Check-ins: We check in now and again to make sure everything is ok with your Karma Coffee experience, to gain feedback so that we can better serve you and improve ourselves.


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